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When the London Hat Week theme was announced, The Great Exhibition of the Works of Millinery of All Nations, I immediately had the idea to do something that reflected what my world looked like. I wanted to illustrate whether you are rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, girl or boy, we are all equal. 2017 was a year that really triggered a lot of emotions for me because of how human beings were treating each other. Unfortunately, there are people that view their world as superior to that of others. With walls threatening to divide countries further, and radical beliefs threatening the wellbeing of other humans, I wondered about the old Italian saying “when the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.” We all are born and we all die. As death is unavoidable why do we spend time focusing solely on our own wellbeing rather than the wellbeing of others.


We all carry what is known as the long-term mark of human identity in the form of our unique fingerprint, and thus my collection began. I wanted to collect the fingerprints of people that were in my life, or even interested strangers who have become friends. I arranged sessions in around my home town of Maidstone in Kent, as well as sending fingerprinting kits to corners of the U.K. and beyond. The exercise was fascinating to me because it highlighted how my life is so varied due to the different walks of life and cultures within it. I was sat opposite people that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in many years, asking them for something incredibly personal. The choice of finger was theirs as was the pressure they applied to the silk when they pressed their fingerprint. I did not want to have a say in this as it was solidly their marking, making the piece something of a great collaboration.


With 100 fingerprints collected I saw this incredible pattern of people. With fingerprints from several different parts of the world I was reassured that my attitude towards other humans was the right one. I didn’t see nationalities I saw a human being giving their time to be a part of a positive message. The impressions left behind don’t show us anything about the person that left it, only that they are human.


Shouldn’t we all be leaving a positive impression as humans for the sake of humanity? The world should be a great collaboration. There is only one world.























Thank you to the below 100 people who gave their time to be involved in a positive message.


The 100


Chris Rob Dimitri Sandra Zsubai Sineal Sean Latsi Dora Brandon Phil Sarah Gabor Andreas Sue Phillipa Karen Dani Sam

Vanessa Kerry Sandra Roland Michelle Sarah Annie Andrea Ciaran Kieran Paul Kit Louisa Jimmi Dan Robyn Taylor

Iliana Thalia Sarah Duncan Martin Christina Molly Violet Kate Richard Cherry Patrick Miah Giulia Stefano

Ainsley Jade Perry Hayley Martin Wesley Frances Emma Tish Arleen Daren Saskiea Jessica James Gemma Courtney

Jade Sam Tom Nicola Martin Liz Tony Angela Julia Sarah Aaron Ellie Darryl Danny Whisky Jeanie Ivy Molly Erin Clare

Sophie Cary Alex Cecilia Bo Akiko Pearl John Carly Lilly Barney Holly Chelsea


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