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Julian Garner was a dream for me for many years, as I sought a way to express the creativity that burned inside me. I felt an overwhelming need to bring into reality the fruits of my imagination, so I decided to leave my full-time job in high-end retail in the west end of London to focus on my passion.


Having trained at the London College of Fashion in millinery and understanding the drama that headwear can create. A look can be tailored to exactly what the individual desires.


Julian Garner - Headwear - is the start of a much greater story in which inspiration is found on a daily basis in every aspect of the world around me. My imagination is my favourite asset. I aim to turn this inspiration into the ideal look for a very individual woman.


The creative process runs wild and helps to create something as unique as you are. Each item is a one-off piece, hand-made in the United Kingdom.